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How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table for Your Rental Property?

Rental properties are our temporary homes. They're a great living condition when the alternatives aren't yet affordable. However, just because you rent an apartment doesn't mean you can't create a beautiful interior. There are so many decorations and furniture that you can take when deciding to switch houses. One addition to feeling comfortable and cozy is choosing the perfect dining table for yourself and your family.

A dining room is where you enjoy meals with your loved ones, relax, and can often be the focal point of your home. But how do you know if the table you see is right for you? Before purchasing, there are small details to consider when acquiring the right fit for you. One of which depends on the interior of your dining room. Here are some tips that can help you decide the type of table that suits you. 


1. Shape

Three factors should be considered when choosing the right shape for a dining table:

a)   The size and shape of the room

b)   The number of people that'll sit around the table

c)   The purpose of the table

Specific shapes fulfill the purpose better than others. Some of those shapes include:


Square Table


Square dining tables look best in a square-shaped room. Another benefit to them is that it's an excellent solution to setting a small number of people. One as big as a rectangle might feel off-putting if only two or three people are present for the meals. Two square tables can even be grouped to create a larger rectangular seating arrangement for parties and gatherings. A small square table is a better option since a larger one makes it more challenging to reach the food.


Rectangular Table


Rectangular tables are the most commonly sought-after. Therefore, you'd find that this shape comes in more styles than other options.

A rectangular dining table is also an excellent shape to seat many people. While the shape may suit most spaces, it works exceptionally well in long or narrow rooms.

Remember, if you get a table for several individuals, choosing a big width is just as important as the length. The wider the table, the more food it can fit, so the better it is for the whole family.


Circle or Oval Table


Circular tables are best for small rooms. It usually takes up less space and is one of the best shapes for smaller gatherings. The small area makes conversations easier to carry on, and the setting feels more intimate and cozier.


The shape offers a good amount of surface area to place food. However, remember that a round table isn't ideal for larger gatherings, especially since most dining rooms aren't large enough to accommodate large round dining tables.


2. Size


Size is the most important aspect when choosing a dining table. Use a measuring tape to measure the door and room. You should acquire one small enough to fit through the door and complement the room. A too-large table will make your room look small and cluttered, while a too-small one will make the room look off-balance. You also need to consider the space around your table for people to move. The right dining table should allow people to sit, get up and move around the room comfortably.


Ideally, your dining table should also be the right height. This part isn't as crucial as space; however, many on-table decorations and lightings are there to accommodate the typical table height, i.e., 30 in (76cm) high. Consider this if you have décor or lighting that will sit on or above the table.


3. Material


Each material has properties that should be considered before purchasing a table. Here are the common options available.




Wooden tables are the most common and popular option. They are beautiful and sturdy, which makes them a great piece to complement your home, and easy for renters to transport.

Wooden tables are classic, durable, and easy to repair. They are commonly made of hardwood, softwood, and composite wood.



Hardwood is a popular option when choosing a wood table. The available types include oak, maple, mahogany, etc. It's durable and can be sanded down and refurbished over the years.


Composite Wood

Composite wood is also called manufactured wood. They are typically made by a mixture of wood and plastic or cement. It's especially popular because of its sturdiness and increased weather and UV rays durability. However, they may lack the natural look of wood and color you are looking for.



Softwood is cheaper, easier to make, and readily available at local hardware stores. However, they are less durable than hardwood and require more care and maintenance over their lifespan.




Glass tables are easy to maintain and require little upkeep. They may come with different frame options, from graphite to wood and metal.

Glass tables come in various types, i.e., stained, smoked, and see-through. All of which will look beautiful in any home. The main drawback is fingertip stains and dust. And if you manage to avoid chips, scratches, and extremely hot and cold food items on them, you'll need to wipe it a bit more than wooden ones.




Its silky smooth texture is attractive and beautiful, making it a stylish home décor. They are easy to maintain and are a one-time investment. It's exceptionally durable and comes in various colors, making it ideal to complement any decorative style and a fantastic choice for a dining room table.




Dining tables are where we sit down and have intimate moments of discussion with our family. The right ones can make the experience even better while also tieing up the room.


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