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How to clean your wooden dining table?

How-To Clean Your Wooden Table

When it comes to cleaning your wooden table, you may be a bit lost at first, but this How-To article will get you on the right track and quick! Routine cleaning is essential as it will keep your table in top condition and ready to go for any event.

Follow these simple steps for regular cleaning:
Step 1: Start by dry dusting your table using a soft microfiber cloth or duster. Make sure you follow the grain of the wood! 
Step 2: Use a warm damp cloth. Avoid using paper towels or scratchy materials to clean your table. 

We recommend deep cleaning your table once a year. To do this, follow the routine cleaning steps as above as well as Steps 3 and 4.

Step 3: Apply a silicone-free table polish to a microfiber cloth before wiping down the entire surface. 
Step 4: Gently wipe dry with a new cloth, following the grain of the wood.

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