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Your guide on choosing the best wooden dining tables and chairs #4 Recycled wood, Composite wood, Engineered wood, and Manufactured wood

After discussing the most common natural wood materials used for furniture production it's time to talk about Recycled Wood, Composite Wood, Engineered Wood, and Manufactured Wood.
If you are interested in natural wood materials and their unique characteristics you can find more information here.
With that said let's move forward into our blog theme.

Due to the increasing demand for wooden material over the years, more and more different wood variants are being offered on the market. I will describe every one of them by starting with recycled wood material.

Recycled Wood
Recycled Wood is more than just trendy - it's an environmentally responsible product that uses the highest quality material possible and is very durable.
The material is manufactured from heat-pressed melamine laminate and solid wood reclaimed from factories and warehouses that have been demolished or are in the process of being decommissioned. The tables are finished in a water and oil repellent coating making them easy to clean and maintain
Recycled wood is a material that bears witness to the passage of time. Bearing its story in every groove and facet, each piece is a unique reflection of the story behind it.
"The same wood you walk on or sit at in a café today was used by the Romans 2,000 years ago. We’re not using a tree to give you a better option. We’re recycling what is already there. And that is what makes it unique."

Composite Wood
One of the most popular materials for modern furniture in Europe, composite wood is being used by top designers from Italy, France, and Germany. This material attains sleek, clean lines and a warmer, more natural look than other wood alternatives. Made from a mixture of lime, resin, and sawdust by combining through heat and pressure, composite wood allows for the use of different types of sawdust from various species of trees – resulting in tremendous color variation. As a living material, it can be recycled or repurposed at any point in the future when its useful life is over.
Wood Composite material is made from natural ingredients. It is very eco-friendly, meeting the needs of every customer who is in love with wooden materials.

Engineered Wood
The products made of this material are 100% recyclable.
Engineered wood is an all-weather wood. It is durable and highly resistant to decay. The material is made from a compilation of pressed lumber products including old favorites like ash, cherry, maple, oak, and pinewood.
Engineered wood products have the look of traditional hardwood but are less expensive because they are manufactured using modern technology.

Manufactured Wood
As the name suggests, manufactured wood provides a great alternative to natural material. It's durable, easy to clean, and they're a variety of finishes available to help it blend in with almost any decor. Manufactured wood is often used for furniture and dining tables because it's produced from carefully selected and seasoned hardwood.
For manufacturing steps, it is made in factories with machinery and tools.

While engineered wood offers the commercial strength and price points that make it practical for a variety of tasks, there are some distinct differences between it and manufactured wood. Engineered wood is made from a compilation of pressed lumber products: plywood, particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, OSB, MDF, hardboard, and Waferboard. Manufactured wood is cut from selected lumber selected for characteristics that make it suitable for furniture. Its quality is also controlled while glued together. When comparing appearance, manufacturing processes used to create engineered and manufactured wood are similar as both use a wide variety of finishes.

We hope you are a little more informed and it's a little bit easier for you to get the right decision regarding picking your dining table. You can browse our wooden tables by clicking here.
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