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Your guide on choosing the best wooden dining tables and chairs #2 Rubberwood, Poplar, Plywood, and Mahogany

Welcome to our second blog post about the different kinds of wooden materials!
In this article, I will pay attention to Rubberwood, Poplar, Plywood, and Mahogany. If you missed our first article, you should take a look at it by clicking here.

Rubberwood is a hardwood that comes from trees in South America. It comes in a wide range of colors which makes it very desirable for furniture. Rubberwood sells in different tones of red, brown, and yellow depending on its variety. Although its color and texture make it a winning choice for furniture, this material can be a challenge to work with because it can be difficult to polish.
Rubberwood has unique natural details, which set it apart from other woods and gives it a distinctive look.
If you want your table to be distinctive, take a look at tables made of rubberwood!

Poplar is a wood that has long been used for fine furniture making. Its beautiful color, texture, and grain make it a favorite among many furniture makers.
Poplar wood will age beautifully over time. As the wood ages, a darker color tone will appear and will create its own unique character.
Poplar is a very hardwearing timber that has good stability properties throughout its life and will therefore retain your table for many years to come.
Get unique style over the years by choosing poplar wood for your dining table.

This is composite wood. If you want to learn more about composite wood, click here.
Plywood is one of the most suitable materials for dining table manufacturing. It is easily rotatable and can be applied to a variety of shapes. The rigidity is better than ordinary wood and no split occurs, and it doesn't require sanding which makes it easy to clean. Moreover, it does not breed insects such as termites. Besides, it has an excellent ability to bear weight.
Plywood is made up of layers of wood glued together with strong adhesive and pressed under very high pressure. The various types are classified according to the number of layers of plywood used.
Plywood's natural look is ideal for both rustic and modern settings. Its durability makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as dining tables and coffee tables.

Mahogany is a classic and luxurious wood, with a beautiful figure, fine gain, and warm color. It offers a look of warmth and sophistication. It has been used for centuries as a material for dining tables and furniture for its excellent properties.
The main production process for mahogany wood is hot processing, which makes the surface of the table's wood more tight and good-looking.
Get a luxurious piece of furniture by selecting a mahogany wood dining table.

With this being said we hope you are a little more informed and it's a little bit easier for you to get the right decision regarding picking your dining table. You can browse our wooden tables by clicking here.
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