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Your guide on choosing the best wooden dining tables and chairs #3 Acacia, Beech, Elm, Birch, and Mindi wood

Welcome to our third blog post about the different kinds of wooden materials!

In this article, I will analyze Acacia, Beech, Elm, Birch, and Mindi wood. If you missed our other articles, you should take a look at them in our blog.

Acacia Wood
If you’re looking for wood with a little character, consider acacia hardwood. This exotic wood has a naturally high oil content that gives the wood exceptional durability that makes it perfect to be used for furniture and flooring. Acacia is harvested from old acacia trees that have fallen due to natural causes, not harvested from newly planted fields and forests like other woods. Acacia wood is a great choice for French provincial birdseye maple-style furniture, kitchen tables, and dining tables.

Beech Wood
Beech is a very popular wood type used for dining tables and high-quality furniture. This hardwood has a fine, tight grain that’s easy to work with and takes stain well. It’s naturally moisture-resistant, so you never need to worry about uneven molding or cracked surfaces. Beech looks fabulous in any room and will never go out of style.
This material is easy to clean. It can keep the natural warmth for a lifetime without problems with any glue or varnish.

Elm Wood
Elm is a classic, trustworthy wood that won’t disappoint you. It has been used for centuries in the construction of homes, furniture, and musical instruments.
Elm has a tight, even grain structure that ensures durability and stability. Deep brown with sapwood, this wood is easily worked and takes paint well.

Birch Wood
For the manufacture of wooden dining tables, the main material is birch wood. This wood has a fine structure of pores, which provides high durability and does not swell from humidity, and can therefore be recommended universally. This material is mainly used for manufacturing farmhouse furniture, dining tables, TV stands, and bookcases. Birchwood is also suitable for the design of children's furniture of any form.
Wooden dining tables from Birchwood are known for their lightweight and durability. They are most often used in high-density areas as they resist cracking or warping. It resists climate change and is often used to create child-friendly furniture.

Mindi Wood
Mindi wood is a material for dining tables and furniture, which has a high natural gloss and rich texture. With a water absorption rate of less than 0.01% mindi wood is one of the excellent materials for outdoor furniture, especially for dining table sets.
Mindi wood brings a warm, sophisticated look that enhances any room it graces. It is offered in a variety of finishes and configurations to suit your individual taste.

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